Wild Mustangs of the Pryor Mountains

The Pryor Mountains wild horse range straddles the Montana and Wyoming border. Created in 1968, by order of the Secretary of the Interior, it is the first of three wild horse ranges in the nation. These wild horses are unique and believed to be descendants of the Spanish horses that were introduced to the area in the 1700's.

Sunset Jeep Tour

Just minutes from downtown Billings, as the sun is setting, the city fades away and gives way to hawks, deer, and the sound of coyotes. Hang onto your seats as your guide maneuvers the trails and tells the stories of the area. Not only are you able to get a feel of the land but there are stops along the way for photo opportunities of the Pryor Mountain Range and Blood Valley as well as for exploring mysterious twin stone towers that stand 12 feet high.

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Saddles & Paddles

A full day of adventures at one location. Enjoy a half day day of horse back riding and then cool off with a river float. If you have time then you can go fishing in the evening. You can do it all or parts of this adventure.

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Hellroaring Jeep Tour

The name of our Hellroaring Jeep Tour comes from the mountain road used in the 1930's to mine chrome. This scenic drive to the mine runs parallel to the highest elevation road in the Northern Rockies, The Beartooth Highway (a.k.a. All America Road). This is the Beartooth Mountain Range that is composed of some of the oldest rocks on the planet.

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Beartooth Pass Jeep Tour

Thrill, rush, and adrenaline are what you can experience when you climb into our rugged 4x4 open-air Jeeps. Passengers will experience the Big Sky Country and its wildlife where every tree, wild flower, and streams dances with the grace of the Old West. The drivers will navigate 22 hairpin turns as we climb out of the Clarks Fork Canyon. We will come back over Beartooth Pass, down into the mountain village of Red Lodge.

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